For those overwhelmed by debt, bankruptcy may be the sensible choice. Filing for bankruptcy immediately ceases all debt collection activities (garnishments, repossessions, foreclosures, lawsuits, and harassment from debt collectors) and it offers our clients the chance at a “fresh start” through elimination of debt. Read more »

Debt Collection Defense

If left unpaid, credit card bills, medical bills and other bills often result in legal action by creditors. Interest and other fees are typically added resulting in a doubling or even tripling of the amount of the original debt. Read more »

Consumer Litigation

Consumers are often victim to unfair and deceptive business practices. There are dozens of different laws that address consumer credit, debt collection practices, sales of automobiles, and generally deceptive sales practices. We are dedicated to protecting those clients who have been defrauded, harassed or victimized and to seek damages for such violations. Read more »

General Litigation

In addition to specific practice areas, the firm engages in general and commercial litigation. Read more »
We are qualified as a debt relief agency under federal law. Among other things, we help people file for bankruptcy under the United States Bankruptcy Code.