Debt Collection Defense

If left unpaid, credit card bills, medical bills and other bills often result in legal action by creditors. Interest and other fees are typically added resulting in a doubling or even tripling of the amount of the original debt.

Many people assume that when the collector sues on a debt that the consumer owes the money. In fact, there are many reasons why, these days, this is not the case. Consumers often have complete defenses in collection suits.

We represent our clients in these cases for the purpose of disputing the debt altogether or negotiating an optimal settlement. We routinely stop garnishments, release bank accounts, and open default judgments, among other things.

Our focus is on assessing each case on an individual basis, asserting all legitimate claims and defenses, and resolving the matter within a reasonable time.


We are qualified as a debt relief agency under federal law. Among other things, we help people file for bankruptcy under the United States Bankruptcy Code.